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External_Services/FGS_Potentiometric_WaterLevels (MapServer)

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Service Description:

Potentiometric surfaces are created biannually in May and September of each year starting in May 2012. Well and water level data associated with the creation of these surfaces is included and represents data starting in May 2012. Contour lines are created for the potentiometric surface of the upper Floridan aquifer from water level data submitted by the five water management districts. The points associated with the water level data are added to Geostatistical Analyst and ordinary kriging is used to interpolate water level elevation values between the points. The Geostatistical Analyst layer is then converted to a grid (using GA Layer to grid tool) and then to contour lines (using the Contour tool). Manual editing is done to smooth the lines and fix areas that don't make sense. Errors are usually located where potentiometric highs are adjacent to potentiometric lows (areas where the gradient is high). Expert knowledge or additional information is used to correct the contour lines in these areas. Some additional data may be river stage values in rivers that intersect the Floridan aquifer or land elevation in unconfined areas.

*Note 12/15/2016: This is a recreation of the original .mxd (FGS_Potentiometric_WaterLevels_SW.mxd). A rebuild was necessary because of a known ArcMap bug where the filepath names were defaulting to a mapped drived instead of the UNC filepaths, making publishing as a service difficult.

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Copyright Text: FGS - James Cichon, Frank Rupert, Alan Baker, Tom Greenhalgh, SFWMD - Anne Dodd, Cindy Bevier, Emily Hopkins, SRWMD - Carlos Herd, Dale Jenkins, Jack Grubbs, SWFWMD - Dave DeWitt, Granville Kinsman, Margit Crowell, Roberta Starks, Steve DeSmith, SJRWMD - Don Boniol, Tom Mirti, NWFWMD – Ed Chellette, Kris Barrios, Tony Countryman, USGS.

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